Residential Pruning

Approach every tree pruning situation by assessing the need for a professional arborist. Then, leave these tasks to the professionals with the equipment and advanced training for tricky pruning jobs:

When to Prune Trees

Late fall and early winter are the best times to prune deciduous trees (most evergreen trees should be lightly pruned in late winter). The bare branches allow you to see the tree structure clearly. Avoid major tree pruning during "maple sugar time" (January through early March in most areas).

Beetles that attack oak trees are active from late spring through midsummer. If oak wilt is present in your region, don't prune your oaks during this period.


Prune away dead or diseased branches whenever you notice them. Waiting until fall or winter to prune these branches could cause further tree damage or infection in the case of diseased branches. (When pruning diseased branches, dip the pruning blade in a 10 percent bleach solution between each cut to avoid spreading disease.